Hemp Oil Wholesale

Hemp oil wholesale

Due to our hard work and devotion at providing our clients constantly, unfailingly, and within time, we have made one of the major and most effective hemp oil wholesale systems. We propose considerable discounts on hemp oil wholesale capacities. If you opt to partner with Infused CBD labs, our team of expert members will always be there for you. From training on what CBD is and why our products are superior, to sales support and even free POS materials, Digital marketing in your local GEO and more, infused CBD™ is your hemp partner.

Infused CBD™ team is dedicated to transparency and excellence. If you are as passionate about hemp products as us, then we would love to work with you!


Infused CBD Wholesale Program

  • Guaranteed Range Of Exclusivity!No more selling the same brand from your competitor a mile a way, Infused CBD Wholesale works entirely different than your traditional wholesaler to retailer relationship! You can receive a guaranteed territory!
  • NO MOQ’s!We believe in what works best for you! We understand retail budgets intimately, and the importance of balancing your delicate budgets. Enjoy NO MOQ with the same tier pricing if there were an MOQ.
  • MSRP that works!Pricing in the marketplace seems arbitrary and without a paddle. It is important that as your premier manufacturer, that we sustain MSRP’s and wholesale pricing that works.Infused wholesale partnership ensures you are reaching your mark!
  • For the Retailers!Infused CBD has embodied the CBD industry by injecting ourselves into all areas of the industry. From large scale manufacturing to wholesale that works, we have spearheaded all ends of the CBD industry spectrum giving us analytics from every corner of the industry! Become a part of infused CBD family and lets grow in unity!
  • We are the manufacturer!Why is this important? How can this benefit you? For starters, best pricing, product excellence and In more ways than the aforementioned! Drop us a line and ask why joining infused is the best partnership in the CBD industry!
hemp oil wholesale

As Easy as 1-2-3

It couldn’t be any easier to become part of our wholesale program. After you have been accepted as a verified wholesaler or distributor (within hours), you will receive your wholesale credentials and can start to browse all of our wholesale products and prices.

Infused CBD

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10a–6p Monday through Friday.

As one of our distributors, you will benefit by the lowest distribution prices, a true working partnership and a superior product that will stand the test of time!

We can help

If there is something that your customers want to know about hemp oil products, we are always there. Because hemp products are just now becoming popular, there are so many questions that exist in the marketplace. As such, we provide Q&A postcards along with descriptions of all Infused CBD Products™. This ensures brand loyalty and trust that results in repeat business and respect!

Our mission is simple – Provide the optimum quality hemp oil products to our customers and wholesalers as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this objective, our team is the best in the industry. Our production team is continuously on top of this fast developing market by making developments when required and instituting novel hemp oil products for you to provide to your consumers.

Hemp oil for all

Because of our hard work and devotion in providing best customer service and satisfaction, we have been successful in creating a large and well-organized hemp supply chain system that you can now join and experience the benefits of joining a large team dedicated to your success.

From large companies to local stores, natural wellness centers to veterinary clinics, we work with businesses of all sizes. Irrespective of your company, below are the points of which customers love our products –

  • Hemp oil products, particularly Infused CBD™ products, are enjoying a huge growth in status. Owing to the unbelievable hemp oil profits, innumerable individuals have attested to their ultimate satisfaction, robust flavors and quality of Infused CBD™ products.
  • INFUSED CBD™ claims the maximum standards in the market, with various tests, certificates to guarantee simply the best for our consumers.
  • Get the attention of your consumers’ by offering our brands, with a huge variety of flavors, strengths, and sizes.

Great Opportunities

Due to our exclusive knowledge and resilient trading system, we can provide you with a low barrier to entry in this profitable market, particularly in comparison to numerous other businesses in the marketplace. With this, we provide businesses with complete start-to-finish assistance in attaining their hemp supplement business. Let’s get you started today!

We are here to support you at every step. Our support comprises a wide variety of marketing materials and other value-added services. Reach out today and experience true professionalism and a start to a long lasting partnerships with Infused CBD™!

Wholesale Distributor Request


We look forward to hearing from you and answering your queries about hemp oil wholesale.