How to take hemp oil

How to take hemp oil

It is extremely vital to use hemp oil properly. However, people use different methods to take hemp oil, and, there is no “one way”. Moreover, it is important to know all your options before you choose one. Below we will try to answer your question – how to take hemp oil.

How to take hemp oil – concentrates

Hemp oil can be used as a concentrate. Concentrate is pure and is extracted directly from the hemp plant.

If you have made an online order for a concentrate, typically, you’re likely to receive it  with a syringe applicator.. The syringe will allow you to administer your preferred amount every time. Follow this step carefully, as this is a natural oil, therefore, every yield will differ in taste and consistency. At times, the concentrate will be thick, while at other times it can be thinner. There is nothing wrong with it and should be expected.

After putting the oil under your tongue, wait for approximately 90 seconds before swallowing.

how to take hemp oil

How to take hemp oil – Tinctures

Tinctures are liquid hemp oil in a glass bottle. For better dispensing, they come equipped with an eye dropper. In case of tinctures, various flavors such as spearmint, terpenes, coconut oil, etc. can be added. These elements help in enhancing the taste of the oil.

You will need to utilize an eyedropper to take this solution. After filling the eyedropper,place the eyedropper under your tongue, dispensing the tincture which will absorb into your system. Wait for approximately  90 seconds before swallowing. Infused CBD is one of the popular brands, which sells the tinctures of hemp oil, which can be purchased from Infused CBD Oils.

How to take hemp oil – Hemp E-Liquid

The usage of Hemp oil e-liquid will rely on the use of a vaporizer. After buying the Hemp oil e-liquid, you would have to put the liquid in a vaporizer or vape kit. Infused CBD provides both an E-liquid and a disposable pod with complementing hardware.This allows our customers ease of operation and usability. Should you choose to use a vaporizer, be aware that your tank coil can be replaced after 7-10 days. Infused CBD pods are disposable and can be easily replace after discarding the used pod.

Vaping is an effective and convenient method to intake hemp oil. Vaping is said to be the fastest means to administer hemp oil as it absorbs directly into your lungs and bloodstream. Vaping makes for a very relaxing experience that can be enjoyed at your leisure.

How to take hemp oil – Topicals for Skin

Hemp oil topicals said to be extremely beneficial with skin problems. You simply need to massage topicals on the affected area of the skin. Research proves that topical applications moisturize the skin and lessen skin irritations.


  • When using tincture and hemp oil concentrates, place the oils under your tongue. This allows the glands under your tongue to directly absorb the oils into your bloodstream quickly.
  • The taste of pure hemp oil is very earthy. As this is a natural oil, one cannot guarantee the consistency of the flavor or smell will be the same for each bottle.It is suggested, that if the taste is hard getting used to, try drinking juice or water after each use.

With the varying methods to administer hemp oil, in the end it is a personal decision as how to take hemp oil. Proper dosage, flavor choice and strength, all need to be considered in order to achieve the best results.

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